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French Casement Windows French Casement Windows French Casement Windows French Casement Windows French Casement Windows

French Casement Windows

Ideal for dormers, cottages and smaller window apertures, French casements, with their symmetrical opening panes offer both extra ventilation, clear, unrestricted views and the possibility of an emergency-escape route. The slim profiles of the Optima system are the best way to ensure a good glass-to-frame ratio and the best ratings for passive solar gain.

Fabframes Defendoor

Optima offers exceptional weather-tightness and thermal insulation. The multi-chambered sections will even take a thermal insert for enhanced insulation and there are glazing options to suit every budget and performance requirement. With a full range of foil finishes available, it’s easy to find one that’s perfect for every property.

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We’ve invested in the most up-to-date tooling and extrusion technology. It’s paid off in superb quality. Every dimension is exact, every detail perfect. These are profiles that will enhance your reputation because they should be trouble free on installation and for a very long time afterwards. Our bubblex gaskets, offer consistent compression and seal the windows to prevent air leakage. Our deeper drainage channels clear water away from the frames and sealed-units preventing damage. A central Eurogroove on the sash and strategic wall thickening ensure reliable hardware fixing and secure windows. Clip-in beads make glazing speedy and simple – there’s no need to add security glazing clips to meet PAS24 standards. Boost the level of insulation with recycled thermal inserts to the outerframe and sash and improve window energy ratings without using to the most expensive gas-filled units.

  • Optional Outer Frame Centre Seal
  • Optional Sash Central Seal
  • Sculptured Edge Design
  • Double Chamfered Edge Design
  • Glazing Options up to 44mm Triple Glazed
  • 5 Chamber Sash
  • 6 Chamber Outer Frame
  • Optional RCM Thermal Inserts create up to 6 chamber sash and 8 chamber outer frame
  • 10mm Cover on Weather Seals